Teacher/TA Hiring Procedure


Please email application, 

resume, and references to miraclesschools@gmail.com 

prior to setting your initial interview. 

Every applicant must submit an employment application.       Application below.

Initial Interview

Once all documents are submitted, please contact Christina Fitzpatrick at 727.858.5909 to schedule your initial interview. Initial Interview will consist of meeting, tour of the school, and reviewing application, resume, and references. 

Credentials Verified

After initial interview, credentials will be verified. Teaching Certificate, BA Degree, and any other certifications should be submitted by the end of interview and they will be verified. 

Past Employment Verified

All past iempoyees will be contacted per Dept. of Education Guidelines.

Background Check

All applicants must complete and submit a Livescan Background Check  through FDLE with our ORI#. 

Follow Up Interview

This is your final interview. 

Dress for Success!

Teachers' Downloads